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What is the designer furniture?

Chair Eames

When you hear words “Designer Furniture” do you imagine something extravagant and not suitable for ordinary life? Sometimes it is a mistake.

Of course, models place of which only at the exhibition of contemporary art appear regularly. But in fact, designers make many useful discoveries in the field of everyday furniture. Perhaps the chair on which you are sitting now was born thanks to some famous designer.

Designer furniture can be different.

The phrase itself can be used in several ways. For example, it can mean furniture released in a single copy according to an individual sketch. Or furniture the author of which was the designer but the company took over the production which is engaged in mass production. In the first case “designer” means complete exclusive. And in the second case are models created with the latest fashion trends, original, but available for purchase to everyone. You must decide what furniture you need. But it should be noted that exclusive furniture is often very expensive.

To better show the difference between designer chairs and ordinary, we will talk about those models that are considered cult. But at the same time, they can be bought for your own home.

Perhaps one of the most famous chairs – “Eames”

They can be found everywhere. Really everywhere. Starting from cafes, hotels, offices and ending with the apartments of your friends. Surely you have already paid attention to these memorable plastic models.

Hard to believe but these chairs appeared more than half a century ago. And they were the first in their field because earlier plastic furniture did not come in wide sale. At that time it was a real furniture revolution. The emergence of low-cost plastic furniture promised a quick change of interiors.

Designers who created this miracle – spouses Charles and Ray Eames. They were true innovators in industrial design and were able to give the world a model of a chair that will look modern even in a hundred years.

TOLIX Chairs – Loft Classic

If the previous chair is the embodiment of the Scandinavian style, then the famous TOLIX is a clean loft. Characteristic metal frame, with wooden inserts, a variety of colors. But there is one common feature. It is a stylish, sometimes slightly “worn” look.

This model has a long and complicated history. It appeared in the first third of the last century. Then the chair could be found on the decks of liners, as well as in cafes and restaurants. When the industrial style came into vogue TOLIX chairs gradually moved to apartments.

If you are decorating a room or a restaurant with elements of loft style, then you can safely turn to this designer model. No wonder the Tolix chair “lived” for almost a century, winning the hearts of industrial style fans. This unique form attracts attention magically.

“Barcelona” chair shows status

This chair just seems simple. In fact, it was created for the inauguration of royals in Barcelona. This model was designed by Ludwig Mies van de Rohe. By the way, he admitted that creating this model was extremely difficult. Now this chair is available for purchase and it can often be found in the most luxurious interiors. Barcelona chair is universal, suitable for almost any interior. But it’s hard to imagine it in a classic country style.


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